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Haris Kittos

Artworks portfolio

Everything is ephemeral, impermanent, and nothing can ever be repeated exactly the same; knowing this, that everything attains a brief but also unique presence in time and space, enriches perception, self-awareness and appreciation of every moment.


In art, a focused and repetitive action creates a ‘record’ of the artist’s (or performer’s) emotional and mental state in that moment and reveals the intimate creative process taking place as he/she experiences that moment.


In my works, this ‘record-making’ process through repetition has a core role in enhancing such ‘present moment’ awareness. It is placed into context by working in obsessive detail and with delicate or vulnerable media, whose frailty carries tension and risk that enhance awareness of the ephemeral. It is a meditative process - sometimes painful or masochistic even - that has become an essential tool to control time and space intuitively and organically in my work, as I am examining my life and artistic identity. The aim is to seduce the viewer or listener to immerse themselves into the mindful world of each of my artworks (visual or musical) and experience a ‘present moment’ communion with them.

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