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Haris Kittos

Artworks portfolio

Everything is ephemeral and nothing can ever be repeated exactly the same. Understanding this, that everything attains a brief but also unique presence in time and space, enriches perception and appreciation of every moment. In the moment of making an artwork, a focused and repetitive action can leave a ‘record’ of that moment but also the artist’s state of mind in that moment, revealing the intimate creative process taking place.

   This type of ‘recording’ through meditative repetition has attained a core role in the current and recent artworks shown here. It also takes place while working with obsessive detail and delicate or vulnerable media, whose frailty enhances the sense of the ephemeral. Furthermore, if the creative process is meditative, it is also sometimes painful or masochistic even - but always intimate and personal. Such way of working has become over the years an essential tool for shaping time and space with sound and image. It is, after all, a continuous reflection of a self’s history, memories and identity.

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