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Haris Kittos

‘…beloved, pretending to be forgotten…’ (2020-21)

A game of memory and change. The performer/player departs from a note and moves upwards so slowly and subtly that is almost inperceptible, arriving at a new note as if without realising. Then, they get up and write down this arrival note on a writing board, before it becomes a new departure point. The process repeats and continues. But there is a memory trail, ghost shadows of the previous arrival notes, which come and go via electronics, not allowing ultimate oblivion.


The work was commissioned and premiered by Pietro Doronzo (flute) and Nicola Monopoli (electronics) on 1 July 2021, in the 'Incontri col Contemporaneo' concert, by Cultura e Musica and PugliaSoundsPlus, at the Auditorium Laboratorio Urbano GOS in Barletta, Italy. It is a conceptual/text score for any number of performers-instrumentalists, with movement on-stage, plus installation of chairs and a writing board (see score below).

Duration: 12-30 mins.


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