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Haris Kittos

‘…beloved, pretending to be forgotten…’ (2020-21)


Text score for 1-4 performers and installation. Duration: 12-30 mins.


Commissioned and premiered by Pietro Doronzo, flute + Nicola Monopoli, electronics.


Live performance: 1 July 2021, 'Incontri col Contemporaneo' concert, by Cultura e Musica and PugliaSoundsPlus. Auditorium Laboratorio Urbano GOS, Barletta, Italy.



A game of memory and change. The performer/player departs from a note and arrives at a new one, without realising. He/She writes down this arrival note, before it becomes a new departure point. This process continues. But a memory trail, ghost shadows of the arrival notes, come and go via electronics, not allowing ultimate oblivion.

HK-beloved-FINAL_0001 (2)
HK-beloved-FINAL_0002 (2)
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