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Kittos-120times7-I-full_view (207cm)

Haris Kittos

mourning (2019-20)


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a series of meditative drawings, ‘recording’ actions




Kittos-120times7-II-full_view (207cm)

 120 times 7: morning (mourning VI)

mourning I-III (2019)


a series of meditative, ‘recording’ actions



time in black (mourning I)

brush pen on paper, 84x59.4cm

time in black
dense mist
lighten me on necessity

lighten me on necessity (mourning II)

brush pen on paper, 84x59.4cm

dense mist (mourning III)

brush pen on paper, 84x59.4cm

mourning V+VI (2020)


frixtion pen on 7 sheets of A3 paper, 207.9x42 cm


A planned, time-based process: lines-threads, drawn for 2 hours on the same time of the day, for 7 consecutive days. The movement of the hand while drawing is ‘recorded’ (documented) every day in the same time slot, like a ‘psychogram’ (or even a handwritten ‘encephalograph’), conveying changes in mind states. On the 7th day, the 7 sheets are joined and become a horizontal landscape - a vibrating space.



 120 times 7: afternoon (mourning V)

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