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Haris Kittos

Soundscapes 1-24 (2021-22)

(contemplations II)

marker pens on printed paper (pitch versus time)

‘Soundscapes 1-24’ is a series of drawings that are visualisations of imaginary sounds on a pitch-versus-time graph (quarter ton
es v seconds).
  The aim of these drawings is to trigger the inner ear of the viewer by ‘reading’ this drawing and listening to sounds in their mind, imagining or remembering music, in other words, interpreting freely what they see as sound.
  As a guidance, the red lines can remind ‘warm’ sounds (for example, strings), the green lines ‘medium warm’ sounds (for example, woodwinds) and the blue lines ‘deep’ or ‘cooler’ sounds (for example brass instruments).
  This series is a tribute to the UPIC program developed in 1977 by the composer+architect Iannis Xenakis, who was one of the first artists to ‘draw’ sound visually.

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