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Haris Kittos

Schismatic (2023), 2 voices and ensemble. 5,5 mins.

  Commissioned by NOVOFLOT for the Opern Call project.

  First performed: 28 September 2023, Akademie der Künste, Berlin

5 ways to move (2022-23), octet with video art. 9,5 mins.

  Commissioned by Born Creative Festival.

  First performed: Ensemble Nomad, 8 July 2023, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre.

boat-feet-plane-train-bus (2021-22), octet. 2,5 mins.

  Commissioned by dissonArt for the NFTs project.

four meditations (2021-22), piano. 5-15 mins.

  Commissioned by Lenio Liatsou.

Ètude a X (2020-21), piano. 4,5 mins.

  Written for the Iannis Xenakis centenary.

'...beloved, pretending to be forgotten...' (2020-21), 1-4 musicians. 12-30 mins.

  Commissioned by Pietro Doronzo (flute) and Nicola Monopoli (electronics).

  First performed: 1 July 2021, 'Incontri col Contemporaneo' concert, by Cultura e Musica and PugliaSoundsPlus.  

  Auditorium Laboratorio Urbano GOS, Barletta.


stRay (2020), accordion. 2 mins.

   Commisioned by Ghenadie Rotari for the 'Quarantine Diaries' series.

   Performed and recorded online, May 2020, Trieste.


Sitio (2019), organ. 15 mins.

   Commissioned by David Graham.

   First performed: 28 October 2019, St Michael’s Cornhill, London


Athróa (2018), 22 string players. 12,5 mins.

   Finalist, Basel Composition Competition 2019.

   First performed: Kammerorchester Basel, cond. Franck Ollu.

   20 February 2019, Oekolampad, Basel.


Ìama (2018), flute, cello, piano. 12 mins.

   Commissioned by trio IAMA.

   First performed: 4 March 2018, Solon Mihailidis Hall, Thessaloniki.


Pauline (2017), accordion. 7 mins.

   Commissioned by TKE Associazione Culturale, for Risuonanze Festival.

   First performed: Ghenadie Rotari, 1 June 2019, Casa Cavazzini, Udine.


Athróo (2017), string ensemble. 10 mins.

   Honourable Mention by the As You Like It composition competition,

   Alvarez Chamber Orchestra


ADRIFT (2016), walking choir – installation. 30-45 mins.

   Composed with Lillie Harris and Dan McBride.

   Commissioned by Fruit for the Apocalypse.

   First performed: 20 June 2016, ‘Sing for Live, Live to Sing’ Community Choir,

   South Kensington Underground Station tunnel, InTransit Festival, Refugee Week, V&A


Dyades (2016), flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello. 9 mins.

   Commissioned by dissonArt.

   First performed: 29 April 2016, L’Auditori, Mixtur Festival 2016, Barcelona

   Honoourable Mention, Earplay Competition 2017


Fauve (2015), cello & 3 kotos. 7 mins.

   Honourable Mention, 21st Century Japanese Music Project


re-creations, re-composed (2015), bass clarinet & double bass. 10 mins.

   Written for Alexandre Klein.

   First performed: Alberto Santamaria, Alexandre Klein, 2 June 2015, East Parry Room,

   RCM, London


Ètude (2014), solo piano. 4 mins.

   Commissioned by Lenio Liatsou.

   First performed: 21 November 2015, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art,

   Thessaloniki Piano Festival 2015, Thessaloniki


 Aenaa (2013-14), saxophone quartet

   2 versions: 2 altos & 2 baritones. 10 ½ mins. 2 sopranos & 2 tenors. 12 mins.

   Commissioned by Fukio Saxophone Quartet and re:sound collective.

   First performed: version 1: echo # 3, 22 November 2013, St Gabriel’s Church, London.

   Version 2: 4 June 2014, Konzertsaal HfMT Köln (Wuppertal)


Alexander (2013-14), Theatre music: 3 songs for actors and ensemble. 15 mins.

   Commissioned by SplitMoon Theatre.

   Workshopped and first performed: 11-13 March 2014, Jerwood Space, London


Boxtreat (2013), flute & violin, 30 seconds.

   Commissioned by dissonArt for the Collaborative Miniature.

   First performed: 19 October 2013,

   Villa Kapantzi, Thessaloniki


 Hectic (2012-13), male voice & recorder, with electronics. 12 mins.

   Commissioned by UMS 'n JIP, for the Greece Project.  

   First performed: 23 February 2013, Solon Michailidis Hall, Thessaloniki


 Intermezzo (2012), 2 bass-clarinets & 2 cellos. 7 mins.

    Written for Variable Geometry.

   First performed: 18 May 2012, Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall, RCM, London.

    Conductor: Jean Phillipe Calvin


 Dancechase (2011, rev.2012), quintet (fl, b/cl, pno, vln, vc). 8 mins.

    Written for dissonArt.

   First performed: 24 August 2011, Music Village, St. Laurentios, Pelion

    Conductor: Beat Furrer

   First Prize, International Composition Competition Città di Udine 2016


 Omadón (2010-11), oboe & string trio. 7 mins.

    Commisioned by Britten Pears Foundation for the Xenakis International Symposium 2011

    First performed: Ensemble Exposé, 3 April 2011, Purcell Room, Southbank, London


Ermaïkó (2010), solo guitar. 10 mins.

    Commissioned by SAM and Milos Karadaglic.

   First performed: 6 July 2010, Cheltenham Festival


Aberrant Growth (2009-10), sextet (fl, cl, perc, pno, vln, db). 9,5 mins.

    Commissioned by Migrant Sound.

   First performed: Ensemble Exposé, Roger Redgate, 27 May 2010, The Warehouse, London


Organic Duo (2009), clarinet & piano. 7,5 mins.

    Commissioned by Glendower Duo.

   First performed: 13 January 2010, Purcell Room, PLG Series, Southbank, London

   Honourable Mention: Ensemble Nuove Musiche "Torre Della Quarda" Competition 2018


Toy Escape (2008), clarinet quartet. 5 mins.

    Commissioned by Clariphonics.

   First performed: 7 January 2009, Purcell Room, PLG Series, Southbank, London


Wonderoom (2007-09), ensemble (cl, sax, bsn, tpt, tbne, 2 perc, hp, vln, vla, vc). 15 mins.

    Written for London Sinfonietta, for Blue Touch Paper Scheme

   (funded by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation)


Altamira’s Book: Hinterlandways I (2006-08), string quartet. 12,5 mins.

     First performed: Delphinia Quartet, 4 May 2008, RCM, London


Pulsing Touches (2006), string quartet. 5 mins.

    ‘For Daryl Runswick’s 60th birthday’

     First performed: Smith Quartet, 22 October 2006, Almeida Theatre, London


Another Air (2006), amplified cello & live electronics. 5 mins.

     Commissioned by Nick Allen.

    First performed: 26 April 2006, Vestry Hall, London


Vessel Tales (2005-2007), 4 movements, piano & orchestra. 22 mins.

    ‘In memory of Susan Bradshaw’

     First performed: Jianing Kong, RCM Sinfonietta, Robin O’Neil, 6 December 2007,  

    Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall, RCM, London


Òrthros (2004), soprano & piano. 8 mins.

     Written for Jane Manning OBE and Eleni Liatsou.

    First performed: 16 November 2004, Telogleio Institute, Thessaloniki


Alice’s Alices (2004), amplified oboe. 7 mins.

     Written for Paul Goodey.

    First performed: 9 August 2004, Dartington International Festival


A Sniff of the Real Me, revised version (2004), soprano & sine wave. 7 mins.

     First performed: Jaqueline Barron, London Sinfonietta, 6 May 2004, Pasidy Hall, Nicosia


Recreation (2002), octet for any instrumentation. 10 mins.

     Commissioned by COMA.

    First performed: COMA Summer School Orchestra, Simon Foxley, 26 July 2002,

    New Theatre, Bretton Hall, Yorkshire


 Àtropo, revised version (2002), piano. 5,5 mins.

     First performed: Sarah Nicolls, 28 April 2002, Purcell Room, Southbank, London


Àtropo (2001-2002), cello with BACH.boggen. 6 mins.

     Written for Nick Veliotis.

    First performed: 1 April 2002, Theseion Room, Athens


 Ecce Homo (2001), bass clarinet & large ensemble. 14 mins.

     Written for Gareth Davis.

    First performed: Gareth Davis, Guildhall New Music Ensemble, Sye Mishler,

     26 September 2001, GSMD Music Hall, London


 Eisodion (2001), violin. 13 mins.

     Written for James Widden.

    First performed: 6 June 2001, Bantock Room, TCM, London


 Arthròs (2001), piano. 11 mins.

     Written for Rolf Hind.

    First performed: Aleksander Szram, 11 June 2002, Peacock Room, TCM, London


Realisations, 3-song cycle (2001), baritone & piano. 15 mins

     First performed: David Lawrence, Nigel Foster, 4 July 2001, GSMD Music Hall, London


Pròsforo (2001, rev. 2011), violin. 4 mins.

     Written for Layla Benjamin.

    First performed: 27 June 2001, Regent Hall, London


Aberrant Confection, Dance music (2001), alto saxophone, percussion & harp. 7,5 mins.

     First performed, in collaboration with London Contemporary Dance School:

     Max Wild Trio, choreography: Sarah Cameron, 21 March 2001, The Place, London


Achranteia (2000), string quartet. 8,5 mins.

     First performed: Arditti Quartet, 22 April 2001, Purcell Room, The Southbank, London


Min/re-pq (2000), piano & strings quartet. 2 mins.

     First performed: Sundial Piano Quartet, 5 October 2000, Wigmore Hall, London 


 Priam’s Night-Journey (2000), voice (mezzo), clarinets, violin, cello & piano. 23 mins.

     First performed: Sandra Nakhosteen, Benjie del Rosario, Sarah Crisp, Laura Moody,

    Aleksander Szram, David McQueen (cond.), 25 January 2001, Hinde St Church, London


Mystis (2000), piano quartet (strings). 6 mins.

     First performed: Vicentic Piano Quartet, 24 March 2000, Barbirolli Lecture Hall,

    TCM, London


Askòs (2000), string quartet. 8,5 mins.

     First performed: LSO Players (Lennie Mackenzie, David Alberman, Liz Varlow,

    Jennie Brown), 27 February 2000, Barbican Hall, London

    First Prize, Greek Composers Workshops, Athens Concert Hall


 Prooimion (2000, rev. 2001), clarinet. 11 mins.

     Written for Gareth Davis.

    First performed: 10 April 2000, Chiesa Cristiana Evangelina Battista, Rome


Penthesileia (1999), large ensemble. 11 mins.

     First performed: TCM Contemporary Music Group, 17 February 2000, Hinde St Church, London

    First Prize, Daryl Runswick Competition


Re-creations (1999), bass clarinet & double bass. 14 mins.

     First performed: Gareth Davis, Jonathan Moss, 16 March 2000, BMIC, London


Avarice (1999), tape. 5 mins.

     First performed: 24 June 1999, Trinity Hall, Cambridge


Second Tomb of Ionia (1999),  viola & piano. 10 mins.

     First performed: Jordi Nabona, Sue Donahoe, 26 May 1999, Hinde St Church, London


First Tomb of Ionia (1999), flute, violin, percussion & piano. 15 mins.

     First performed: Szram Quartet, 2 December 1999, Hinde St Church, London


Sistina (1999), organ. 6 mins.

     First performed: Nicholas O’Neil, 17 May 1999, Hinde St Church, London


Piece for String Quartet (1997), string quartet. 7 mins.

     First performed: Solaris Quartet, 16 June 1999, Christ Church,

    Spitalfields Festival, London


Three Pieces after a Rothko’s Exhibition (1997), piano. 12 mins.

     First performed: Haris Kittos, 20 February 1998, Thermaikos Center, Thessaloniki

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