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Selected recordings

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5 ways to move - video (2022-23): Ensemble Nomad + Norio Sato, live rec.,

Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Born Creative Festival 2023

(permission by Ensemble Nomad and Norio Sato)

beloved - video (2020-21): Petro Doronzo, flute + Nicola Monopoli, eletronics,

Auditorium Loaboratiorio Urbano GOS, Barletta, 2021


stRay - video (2020): Ghenadie Rotari, 2020


Sitio (2019, organ): David Graham, live rec., St Michael's Cornhill, 2019

(permission by David Graham)


Athróa - video (2018, string orchestra): Kammerorchester Basel, Franck Ollu, 2019


Pauline - video (2017, accordion): Ghenadie Rotari, live rec., Risuonanze Festival, Udine, 2019

(permission by Ghenadie Rotari and Risuonanze Festival)


ADRIFT  - video extrtacts (2016, choir): Sing to Live, Live to Sing, video extracts, 2016


Dyades - video with score (2016, fl+b/cl+vln+vc): dissonArt, studio rec., 2017

(permission by dissonArt)


re-creations (2015, b/cl+db): Alberto Santamaria, Alexandre Klein, live rec., RCM, 2015

(permission by the performers)


Ètude (2014, piano): Lenio Liatsou, 2017

(permission by Lenio Liatsou)


Aenaa (2013, sax qtet): Fukio Saxophone Quartet, live rec., St Gabriel's Church, 2013

(permission by Fukio Ensemble)


Boxtreat (2013, fl+vln): dissonArt, live rec., Villa Kapantzi, Thessaloniki, 2013

(permission by dissonArt)


Hectic (2013, voice+rec): UMS 'n JIP, live rec., Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zürich, 2013

(permission by UMS 'n JIP)


Intermezzo (2012, 2 b/cl+2vc): Variable Geometry, live rec., RCM, 2012

(permission by Variable Geometry)


Dancechase - video (2011, pno quintet): Mikrokosmos, live rec., Contemporanea 2016

(permission by Mikrokosmos)


Omadón (2011, ob+str trio): Ensemble Exposé, live rec., Purcell Room, Southbank, 2011

(permission by Ensemble Exposé)


Aberrant Growth -video (2010, pno sextet): Ensemble Exposé, live rec., Warehouse, 2010

(permission by Ensemble Exposé and Migrant Sound)


Organic Duo (2009, cl+pno): Glendower Duo, studio rec., 2010

(permission by Glendower Duo)


Òrthros (2004, voice+pno): Jane Manning OBE, Zoe Zeniodi, studio rec., 2005

(permission by the performers)


Àtropo (2001, pno): Sarah Nicolls, live rec., Purcell Room, Southbank, 2002

(permission by Sarah Niccols)


Eisodion (2001, vln): James Widden, studio rec., 2002

(permission by James Widden)


Arthròs (2001, pno): Aleksander Szram, studio rec., 2005

(permission by Aleksander Szram)


Achranteia (2000, str qtet): Arditti Quartet, live rec., Purcell Room, Southbank, 2002

(permission by Irvine Arditti)

Haris Kittos

Composing music is a combination of collaboration, inspiration, painstaking effort and production, but also meditative work. There can be a very similar feeling when writing music or creating visual art: every detail, every moment matters, while there is a strong awareness of the ephemeral nature of everything - especially when trying to repeat the same thing, the same action, where each moment is unavoidably different. As this has become essential in my work over the years, there is an avoidance of deliberate planning: there should be no forceful will or ego being imposed on the work. By just observing, listening and following what each piece 'needs', the process feels more natural and organic: the work 'reveals' itself gradually as it comes to existence.

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