Haris Kittos

recovery (2020-21)


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a series of meditative drawings, ‘recording’ actions

recovery IV (2021)


from top left:

wanderer, rain, distance within, equation,

nostalgia, intimate encounter, flow, life within,

invasion, wanting, possibility, breathe


frixion pens on A3 paper (29.7x42 cm)

recovery III (2021)


marker pen on A4 paper (21x29.7 cm)

IMG_1770 IMG_1771 IMG_1773 IMG_1810 IMG_1825 IMG_1830 IMG_1932 IMG_1934 IMG_1936 IMG_2020 IMG_2022 IMG_2023

... images coming soon ...

recovery II (2020)




marker pen and frixion pen on A4 paper (21x29.7 cm)

recovery I (2020)


from top left:

castaway 1-11 (red), eyes open 1-10 (blue)


marker pen and frixion pen on A4 paper (21x29.7 cm)

IMG_1385 IMG_1386 IMG_1387 IMG_1388 IMG_1389 IMG_1390 IMG_1391 IMG_1392 IMG_1393 IMG_1503 IMG_1504 IMG_1508 IMG_1524 IMG_1525 IMG_1538 IMG_1590 IMG_1591 IMG_1592 IMG_1655 IMG_1656 IMG_1657 recovery II