Haris Kittos

The HopBarn artist residency (2021)



‘…and a shadow echoed in the mist…’


triptych. total max. 250 cm length x 300 cm height, acrylic wool yarns (blue) on ash trees


‘…daylight flooding the veins…’


max. 250 cm length x 250 cm height, acrylic wool yarns (red) on ash trees



Two outdoor installations created during a two-week Artist Residency at The HopBarn, Southwell, as part of the Living Landscape trail exhibition, 28 August - 28 November 2021.





Delicate net-screens, formed by horizontal threads, connecting tress. They look like tender, fragile horizontal threads of sky, water, or even stretched blood veins - each a carrier of memories, experiences, history, energy, life: they are meditative interventions on a natural setting, creating dialogue between non-self-conscious, long-lived natural entities (trees) and a self-conscious, short-lived human entity (artist).


How to experience them? by looking at them from different angles, touching them, lying down or sitting in front of them - simply observing them, influencing our perception of the surrounding landscape, feeling more present and connected with the natural environment.


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DSC_0002 DSC_3168 DSC_3484 IMG_2150 DSC_3172 DSC_3613 DSC_3103 DSC_3143 DSC_3596 DSC_3206 DSC_3494 DSC_3520 DSC_3530 DSC_3700 Haris behind red lines DSC_3614 IMG_2132 DSC_3648 DSC_3655 DSC_3672 DSC_3676 DSC_3545 IMG_2143 DSC_3623 2021-08 Haris at HopBarn film